Our Growing Methods

We start our seeds in rock wool flats until 6-8" high and are transferred to grow bags filled with natural coconut fiber.  We fertilize with all naturally mined minerals except nitrogen, and that is greenhouse grade.  Once the plants are 12" tall they are clipped to a support system to grow straight.  Picking begins 90 days from seed.  Our greenhouse is naturally ventilated to cut down on electrical usage, but fans are used as a back -up system.  We heat with a bio-mass hot water heating system to cut down on the use of fossil fuels. Bumble bee hives are added to the house to pollinate the flowering plants, naturally.  Beneficial insects are used instead of chemical sprays to control destructive insect outbreaks.  Floor cleaning is ongoing to keep decaying plant matter and fallen fruit from contaminating the space.  Gloves are worn any time the plant is touched whether pruning or picking tomatoes.  We try to keep all of our growing methods for the good of our end product and to satisfy our customers.